How GCG Started

owners of Gate City Growlers for craft beer

Gate City Growlers was a dream that started with the love of beer while drinking beer. Several years ago, co-owners Daniel and David both discovered how much they enjoyed craft beer. Every Saturday they would pick up a few bottles of craft beer and meet up at David’s house to share bottles and talk about the beer. As they continued to enjoy finding new and different beers to drink, talk about, and share with friends the idea was born to open a growler and bottle shop together. With the two of them growing up in North Carolina they wanted to focus on supporting small and large breweries located in North Carolina. They work with local distributors and even drive all over the state picking up from self-distributing breweries to bring back the best beer.

Whether you are new to the craft beer scene or a veteran, Daniel and David invite you to come hang out at Gate City Growlers and sit down to enjoy a beer, share your experiences and talk about whatever is on your mind. They are happy to help you find the right beer on tap, mix n’ match a 6-pack or fill up a growler to take home and share with your friends.