Growler 101

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History of the Growler

Sometime around the late 1800s people wanted to carry their beer home with them from the local pub. They started using what was basically a pail with a lid. It is rumored that the term “growler” was given as the beer would splash around in the pail and made a rumbling noise as CO2 escaped through the lid. The growler took various forms over the years until Charlie Otto introduced the modern day glass growler in 1989.

How It Works

Gate City Growlers offers two sizes of growlers, 32oz and 64oz. The 32oz is referred to as “Squeaker” and the 64oz as “Growler.”

Gate City has their own growlers available for purchase at any time for a one-time fee. It is $4 for Squeaker & $5 for Growler, with the option to trade up or down a size as needed. If you have your own growler you are welcome to bring it in to be filled. After you are finished with your beverage all you need to do is rinse it out with hot water and let it air dry or throw it in the dishwasher. Sanitizer packets are also available for $1.

Once you have your own growler you can come back and refill it anytime with your choice of beer. With 20 taps that rotate regularly Gate City will always have something to appeal to your beer palette. The beer will always be as fresh as possible and just a pour away.

Common Growler Questions

Can I bring my own Growler in?

You are welcome to bring in any growler and we will fill it. You can also purchase one of ours for a one-time fee. $4 for a 32oz and $5 for a 64oz.

How long will my beer stay fresh?

If you haven’t opened the growler, we recommend you drink the beer within 2-3 weeks. Once you open the growler, we recommend that you drink it within 2-3 days to ensure you are getting fresh, carbonated beer.

It’s better to drink certain styles such as IPAs, pale ales, pilsners, lagers, and wheats sooner rather than later to taste all of the intended flavors and characters. Other styles such as stouts, porters, saisons, sours and other wild ales can sit longer.

How do I take care of it?

Just rinse it out with hot water and let it air dry with the cap off. The Gate City growlers are dishwasher safe. Gate City also has sanitizer packets available for $1 each.

Will you clean my growler

Yes, Gate City can rinse your growler for you but recommend for you to sanitize it beforehand to ensure your growler is an clean as possible.